May 29, 2024 - SuPRCat Annual In-Person Meeting in Colorado
SuPRCat researchers came to Colorado State University this week to participate in the Center's annual meeting at the end of year 1. The meeting focused on student presentations, broadening participation, informal science communication, professional development, innovation and seeding collaborative research opportunities.

Apr 26, 2024 - Learn about SuPRCat
Colorado State Source Magazine features SuPRCat

Feb 15, 2024 - Zach Wickens tenure talk
Congratulations to SuPRCat Investigator Zach Wickens who gave an amazing tenure talk yesterday: Selective Synthesis using Light and Electricity processed 394500D1 CB1B 40A3 9E75 920EDD1683D4

Feb 06, 2024 - SuPRCat Symposium at the ACS GC&E Atlanta 2024
SuPRCat researchers Seonah Kim, Steven Lopez and Robert Paton are organizing a symposium at this year's ACS Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference June 3–5 2024 in Atlanta. The conference theme is AI-enabled green chemistry, and this symposium will focus on Sustainable Catalyst Design using AI/ML. Submit an abstract and don't miss out on this SuPR symposium!
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Feb 05, 2024 - Summer Theory Training at Colorado State and Northeastern University
SuPRCat researchers Seonah Kim, Steven Lopez and Robert Paton are organizing summer research opportunities in computational chemistry for undergraduate researchers this year. The Fixman Summer Theory program will take place at Colorado State University, and involves training in quantum chemistry and Python programming. The Lopez group's summer research experience in computational chemistry and machine learning is accessible to community college students, including virtual and in-person opportunities to learn cutting-edge research skills.

Aug 18, 2023 - SuPRCat is launched
A multidisciplinary team of researchers from Colorado State University, the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Wisconsin, University of Northern Colorado, Northeastern University, Metropolitan State University Denver and industrial partner New Iridium have joined together to form the Center for Sustainable PhotoRedox Catalysis (SuPRCat). This new NSF supported Center for Chemical Innovation, led by Prof. Garret Miyake will explore how light can be used to make more sustainable chemicals. For more information on this Phase I CCI, head to CSU Source  Figure2 1